Lodge Canongate Kilwinning No 2

Honorary Members

Through the ages the Lodge has conferred Honorary Membership on a number of gentlemen and in these pages we have endeavoured to list them with the dates of their memberships along with some brief information on them. We have also noted, where possible, their Mother Lodges and/or their constitutions and any Grand or, indeed, Royal Rank they may have held. As you can see there are many notable and interesting characters on the list. Clicking on the names of the characters will take you to an area which will include further information on the particular Honorary Member. You may have noted that some are also listed as Poets Laureate (PL) of the Lodge. In these instances the links will take you to the same Biographical link as that in the “Poets Corner” area of the website. We trust you will return periodically to see the development of the biographies on all the Characters as is the case in “Poets Corner”. This exercise will take some time but we will endeavour to provide new material as quickly as possible to make each of your visits to our pages more fruitful for you.

12th April 1871 John Cranfield Abbott
3rd June 1903 Nicol J Affleck
13th February 1861 William H Bryce
22nd December 1898 Lord Kitchener (of Khartoum)
4th October 1899 Rudyard Kipling (PL)
4th July 1877 David Murray Lyon
7th December 1898 William Iveson Macadam
12th February 1890 Wallace Bruce (PL)
12th March 1884 The Honourable Joseph Leonard
9th August 1902 Sir Edward Barton
14th October 1891 Judge Brown
24th June 1903 HRH Frederick Prince of Denmark
28th March 1906 Rt.Hon. Archibald Kennedy Earl of Cassilis
9th June 1897 Robert Kirk Inches
13th July 1846 William Hickman
27th November 1844 Andrew Murray
13th February 1861 William Mann
24th June 1885 Colin Mackenzie
14th November 1900 Frederick Sleigh Roberts VC (1st Earl of Kandahar)