Lodge Canongate Kilwinning No 2

Poet's Corner

Poets’ Corner is the Lodges name for the extreme South East corner of the Chapel of St John where many of the remaining portraits of Robert Burns hang. In addition a small bust of The Poet is mounted on the wall above a bench seat where, as tradition would have it, the Poet Laureate of the day sits. This is a practise which continues in the Lodge to this day. Below are listed notable Poets Laureate of The Lodge starting with Robert Burns and if you click on the names you will be taken to an area which holds an introduction to each Poet Laureate of The Lodge and also features some examples of their works. Over the coming months and years this area will be expanded with information and works of the Poets Laureate so each time you return there should be something new to digest.


1787—1796.      Robert Burns.

1835—1836.      James Hogg, “The Ettrick Shepherd."

1836—1841.      William Hay, "The Lintie o' Moray"

1842—1845.      E. W. Lane M.D.

1846—1849.      Francis Nicoll.

1850—1851.      James Marshall.

1851—1853.      M. J. Mausibinis

1854—1859.      William Pringle.

1860—1871.      Anthony O'Neal Haye.

1872—1878.      Captain Lawrence Archer.

1879—1880.      Bryan Charles Waller of Masongill, M.D.

1881—1887.      Andrew Stevenson M.A.

1888—1890.      Charles H. M'Kay.

1890—1893.      Wallace Bruce

1897—1899.      Charles Martin Hardie

1899—1902.      Alexander Anderson (Surfaceman)

1902—1905.      T N Hepburn (Gabriel Setoun)

1905—1909.      Rudyard Kipling

1910—1916.      Stewart Home

1917—1918.      J L Waugh

1918—1920.      Joseph Inglis W.S.

1920—1921.      T.S.Muir M.A.

1921—1922.      J S Waterstone

1922—1923.      Allan McNeil

1923—1924.      John B Peden

1926—1927.      J C Stewart MA PhD

1948—1957.      Philip Stalker

1958—1960.      R C Philips

1961—1962.      R Carus

1963—1964.      L Simpson PM

1965—1966.      R Carus

1966—1967.      J A C Thomson

1968—1971.      J Logan Robertson

1971—1972.      L Simpson PM

1972—1973.      D W Douglas

1973—1974.      D H Heathlie

1974—1975.      W Kinnear PM

1975—1976.      J A Gowans

1977—1978.      J F McBride

1978—1979.      D Currie PM

1983—1996.      J W B Scotland

1996—2003.      James Skinner

2003—2004.      Simon Nieminski

2005—2008.      Rev. W Paterson

2008—2012.      David Cumming

Ideally, the Office of Poet Laureate is conferred on someone who has shown that they are adept in verse or prose and can demonstrate this through their works. Hence the Office will not be constantly filled and, on occasion, will be left “vacant” as has sometimes been the case in recent times and in the past. We hope you will make many visits to “Poets’ Corner” and that you will leave, each time, with a sense of enlightenment and satisfaction.