Lodge Canongate Kilwinning No 2

Benevolent Fund

Every Masonic Lodge has a Benevolent Fund designed to aid and assist Lodge Members and their families and dependants. Such a fund relies heavily on donations received from members of the Lodge as well as external sources. The Lodge appeals to all members to give generously to this fund as their circumstances may fairly permit. The Lodge supports all the widows of deceased members with an annual gift from the Benevolent Fund and this alone uses more funds than is currently received annually from donations.

The Lodge also assists those members who, from time to time, face difficulties. Although this is a rare occurrence the Lodge requires funds to give such cases as much assistance as is possible. With your help the Lodge can strive to assist such cases with meaningful aid.

If you wish to make a donation the Benevolent Fund you can write directly to the Lodge Secretary enclosing a cheque for the amount you wish to donate. Should you wish your donation can be made confidentially.

Alternatively payment can be made directly to the Lodge account, details of which can be provided on request.