Lodge Canongate Kilwinning No 2

James Dalrymple of Orangefield 1752 - 95
Cousin of the Earl of Glencairn.

Dalrymple also gave Burns a letter of introduction to the Earl of Glencairn, who exerted himself most generously on the poet's behalf. 'I have found a worthy warm friend in Mr Dalrymple of Orangefield' the poet wrote John Ballantine from Edinburgh on 13th December 1796, 'who introduced me to Lord Glencairn, a man whose worth and brotherly kindness to me I shall remember when time will be no more.' And in one of the suppressed stanzas of 'The Vision', Burns described Dalrymple as:

"The owner of a pleasant spot
Near sandy wilds, I last did note
A heart too warm, a pulse too hot
At times o'er ran;
But large in every feature wrote,
Appeared the man.'