Lodge Canongate Kilwinning No 2

John Campbell c1750-1795

Undertaker & Teacher of Music

John Campbell was known as the jolly Precentor of the Canongate Church, he was also a teacher of music. A few days after the 1st of March meeting, Burns called upon Campbell to get him to introduce the Poet to Bailie Gentle of the Canongate, in order to get permission to raise a monument to the Poet Robert Fergusson who was interred in the Canongate cemetery. On the 6th of March, Burns wrote to the Baillie's of the Canongate — who passed on his request to the authorities in charge of the Cemetery — for permission to put a stone on Fergusson's unmarked grave. Permission given, Burns commissioned an architect Robert Burn, to erect the stone, on which appeared the lines:

"No sculptur'd Marble her, nor pompous lay,
No storied Urn nor animated Bust;
This simple stone directs pale Scotia's way
To pour her sorrow o'er the Poet's dust."