Lodge Canongate Kilwinning No 2

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Annual Deputation to GKL4

Wednesday 17th April 2013

A fine body of likely lads (not forgetting the photographer!) on our annual visit to Glasgow Kilwinning Lodge headed by the Master . As always it was an enjoyable evening in the company of our good friends from Glasgow. We were well received and well look after at the Harmony board.


Last Year

Field Trip to St Mary's Parish Church Haddington

Saturday 5th May 2012


Our Spring outing this year, organised by our Junior Warden, was to St Mary's in Haddington which dates from 1139. It is the longest parish church in Scotland and is in regular use for worship and musical events. It is directly adjacent to the river Tyne, beside the 12th century Nungate bridge. Historically it is a fascinating place and there are many interesting historical charachters involved in it's history. Notably, from our point of view, Robert Burns was reputed to have left his mark (Graffiti) on one of the nave columns. Lord Elcho (Charteris) had connections with the Abbey as did Lord Maitland to name but a few.

Founded as a Collegiate Church in 1380, and taking over one hundred years to build, the church was largely ruined during the mid ­sixteenth century Siege of Haddington.  This was after the Rough Wooing by Henry VIII the siege of Haddington taking place in 1548-49.

Like ourselves the church boasts a famous organ albeit something more Modern but, still not without it's own charm. The organ was completed in 1990 as Opus 12 of Lammermuir Pipe Organs, East Lothian, and is located on a purpose-built gallery in the North Transept.

Organ St Mary's

The original design concept was considerably enlarged from 17 to 24 stops to include pedal towers with 16' Facade Principal pipes of 70% tin.

The organ is in three sections – the main central case, which houses the Great organ, the smaller case overhanging the gallery, which houses the Chair organ, and the paired Pedal towers on either side.

Below are photographs of the Abbey in oppossite directions taken on the day of our visit. They give you some perspective of the overall length of the Abbey.

South View


North View

Although there is no record of Knox having preached in St Mary's, he was ordained as a priest there and the inventory of his estate showed that he had a pension from "the Kirk in Haddington".

The Siege of Haddington in 1548 left St Mary's roofless for 14 years.  The Catholic Church was not in a position to restore it, as support for reformation grew.  As the town council, with limited resources was considering what it could do, Knox is reputed to have suggested a barrier wall to restrict the church to the area of the nave, leaving the crossing and choir open to the sky.  It may have suited Knox to shut from view of the congregation the high altar and its associations with popery.  Things remained that way until the full restoration of 1972/73.