Lodge Canongate Kilwinning No 2

The Hon William Gordon (Lord Kenmure) 1750-1840

10th Viscount Kenmure

John* Gordon, 10th Viscount Kenmure  was a grandson of the Jacobite Viscount Kenmure, who 'came out' in 1715 and lost his head in consequence, but became the subject of Burns's delightful song — or revision of an old song — 'O, Kenmure's on and awa, Willie,' John Gordon's brother, father and uncle having thus been Viscounts only by courtesy. This Gordon managed to get parliament to restore the title to the family, and thus became the actual 7th Viscount, although styled the 10th Viscount by courtesy. Gordon was a member of Canongate Kilwinning and was there the night of the 7th December, he subscribed largely to Burns second edition.

*(note; in the book 'A Winter With Robert Burns' by James Marshall, the author cites the name as William Gordon)