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How to become a Freemason

In order to become a Freemason belief in a Supreme Being is fundamental. If you hold this belief you are eligible to become a Freemason and are able to join a Masonic Lodge. There is a process from applying to becoming a full member which all Masons, without exception, have to go through. The procedure is conducted at every stage in a dignified manner. There is no reason to feel apprehensive about taking that first step. 

When you have decided which Lodge you wish to join, ask for an application form. This is a standard questionnaire provided by the Grand Lodge of Scotland via all Lodge Secretaries. All the questions must be answered completely and truthfully. Alternatively, if you know of friends and or family members who are Freemasons you can make your initial enquiries through them.

All Lodges charge an annual fee as well as a one-off joining fee. Be sure you fully understand all costs before joining. Once you have declared an interest to a given Lodge, you will be contacted by the Secretary who will arrange for you to meet with two members of the Lodge. They will become your sponsors throughout the process of your application and thereafter.

Once your application is submitted (which includes the recommendation of your sponsors), the lodge Secretary presents your petition to the members of the Lodge at the next available regular meeting. Your petition is read to all the members, who are present at the meeting and the application is also committed to the minutes of the Lodge.

A committee of enquiry, chaired by the Master of the Lodge, will meet with you in an official capacity to discuss your application. This meeting is normally held at the Lodge. The enquiry committee reports to the members at the next regular meeting, following which your petition is immediately voted on. The election of you as a candidate in a Masonic lodge is conducted by a ballot.

Once elected, you will receive the Degrees of Masonry. These are scheduled by the Lodge to take place soon after you are elected a member. Normally the degrees are conducted on consecutive months but there are other considerations and breaks which, may mean the degrees are not conferred consecutively. After each degree working the members gather socially at Harmony, where the evenings are concluded with supper, toasts and entertainment. Apart from the high, moral values nurtured by Freemasons there is a social aspect to membership of a Lodge. In addition, there is also an on-going commitment to worthwhile and charitable causes.


After you have completed your first degree, you will be eligible to visit other Lodges in Scotland and in other countries.


We prefer you to go through your degrees by yourself, one at a time, with a certain waiting period between them. You will have to prove your proficiency (knowledge of each degree) before moving to the next one. Your sponsors will be in a position to help you with this process as well as look after you in the early stages of your Masonic career.

When you have completed your Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason degrees, you are a full member. There is a further degree to be conferred on you which is an extension of the Fellow Craft Degree which is known as the Mark Degree or Ceremonial of the Mark.

All Lodges have their own particular history and peculiarities which makes every Lodge unique and different to each other. This is especially so in Scotland, where the differences between the Lodges can be wide and varied.

If you are interested in becoming a member of this most ancient and venerable Lodge, write to or email the Lodge Secretary through our contact links on this website with your details and we will contact you to discuss your application further.

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