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High Fives


From time to time the Lodge has assisted local causes in the Canongate area with financial or other assistance.  Funds have been raised by collections from Members or by individual donations.

The Lodge has established an External Charities Fund for receipt of all donations and from which all assistance will be provided.  

Members of the Lodge have made donations to the Fund and over the coming months and years it is our intention to make regular donations from the Fund to local charities and good causes in and around the Canongate area of Edinburgh.

We have a number of Charities and causes which help the people of the Canongate, as well as others, in mind.

If you wish to make a donation to our External Charities Fund you can write directly to the Lodge Secretary enclosing a cheque for the amount you wish to donate. Should you wish your donation can be made confidentially.

Alternatively payment can be made directly to the Lodge account, details of which can be provided on request.

As the Lodge is not a registered charity in itself, it will not be possible to claim Gift Aid or other tax relief on donations.  If you do wish to take advantage of tax reliefs available on gifts to registered charities, the please consult your normal adviser on how best to do this.

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